HB/ Annealing wire

Sri Raj Group products are manufactured with ultra-modern technology and are demands for our Annealed Wire and it is known for its superior strength and high quality which are manufactured from high-grade raw materials and are known for their tensile strength and longer service life standards. We also have the capability to manufacture them in other customized finishes as required by our clients. Annealing wires are used mainly in construction and in binding material. Annealed wire is mainly processed into spool wire, coil wire and big package wire. These can also be straightened and cut into u type wire or cut wire. The annealed wires are widely used in civil construction for iron setting and as bailing wire or tie wire in buildings, parks and daily binding.

We are Manufacturers of MS/HB Wire, our manufacturing unit is equipped with latest plant, machinery & workshop for producing high-quality HB Wire. We have our own laboratory and R&D division for quality HB Wire is the raw material for a number of industries and products.

High durability
Fine finish
Superior quality

Sri Raj Groups HB/ Annealing wire manufacturing & Dealer's network across Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and parts of Maharashtra

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