Ms/en8 Bright Rounds/Squares/Hexagonal/Flats

Sri Raj group is the leading manufacturers & supplier of MS/EN8/Bright bars in Hyderabad. We offer a wide range of MS/EN8/Bright Bars products that are available in various shapes like rounds, squares, flats, hexagonal. In addition, our team of product quality checkers completely checks our mild steel products at each and every level. We also offer a wide range of MS/ENB/ Bright Bars products that are procured from reliable vendors

Key Features of Bright Bars:
  • 1. A higher dimensional accuracy and crystal molecular structure that makes it ready-to-use for machining tools and components.
  • 2. Brute strength that is evenly distributed across the bar gives it greater tensile strength and external impact resilience for rigorous forming.
  • 3. Outstanding Corrosion Resistance enabled by the chromium and nickel content, which can protect the bars even in extreme chemical, saline, or humid environments.
  • 4. Higher Resistance to Cryogenic Temperatures that allows bright bar components to maintain their strength and elasticity even in sub-zero snowy conditions.
  • 5. Non-Magnetic Response to any magnetic metals or surroundings, which greatly helps in reducing eddy currents and the generation of heat due to leaked currents.
  • 6. A Highly Precise Surface Finish due to its readily smooth cross-sectional and surface that requires no further finishing during the manufacturing process.

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