Sri Raj Group corporate responsibility is not just a duty, it's way of life. At Sri Raj Group, we believe in harmonious social development through our constant efforts towards upgrading the way of life of people. Hence, we undertake various CSR activities that cover education, healthcare, preservation of heritage & culture, community welfare and environmental protection activities while ensuring a firm adherence to eco-friendly guidelines of the industry. The primary goal of these activities is to enable harmonious social development which in turn results in a better way of life for people and the community.


Sri Raj Group believes nature to be sacred, and we constantly strive towardsi ts protection and betterment. To further that cause, we participated and organized massive afforestation programmes by planting over 1,000 saplings. We actively promote the preservation and expansion of cow shelters in a wide range of locations. We have also developed a cow shelter at our factory at A.P. Fastners Pvt. Ltd. – Unit-III where we personally take care of around 15 cows.


We care genuinely about our heritage and thus partner with various groups to preserve our roots and culture. For conservation, we actively support and took part in building a Hanuman Temple at Hyderabad and also constantly donate to Tirupati Temple.


Good health is a fundamental necessity of society, and we strive to share the responsibility to make sure that everyone receives their fair share. Thus, we constantly conduct healthcare activities and sponsor for free health check-ups to provide people withbasic medical attention.


We succeed with the support of the communities we interact with. Our growth in business has been a total accumulation of the love and support we receive from our community and Sri Raj Group believes in whole-heartedly giving back. To promote the upliftment of society, we constantly support numerous Safe Drinking Water projects and every Saturday we also feed poor children.

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